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T34 Syringe Driver Express Testing Service

JPen provide a quick turnaround on annual testing and services on T34 syringe drivers. We offer a comprehensive, easy to use and fully insured express service.

We’ll collect, test and return your syringe drivers within 5-7 working days.

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Medical Equipment Testing

JPen provide testing on a wide range of equipment, offering electrical safety testing on mains powered medical equipment.

This ensure that equipment used on patients is safe to do so, and our functional test procedures will ensure the readings given are accurate and reliable.

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Medical Device Calibration

We will ensure your devices are accurately calibrated and on certain equipment we will recalibrate them to ensure the readings they give are as accurate as possible. This can extend the life of your equipment and ensure confidence in the readings they give.

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Who we are

JPen Medical is the market leader in on-site testing and calibration of all medical and healthcare equipment.

With nationwide coverage, testing more than 90,000 healthcare medical devices each year, we offer medical equipment services that meet Best Practice Guidelines and CQC Requirements.

Our aim is to achieve best practice standards along with maintaining the highest level of customer care. We believe in putting our customers first, and think that it is very important to satisfy their needs. With a wide scope of medical equipment servicing, we are able to carry out all the necessary medical equipment testing for a range of industries.

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Reliable and Safe Medical Equipment Servicing

JPen Medical offer nationwide testing and calibration services for medical devices and healthcare equipment.

Medical equipment services from JPen Medical:

  • Ensure your medical equipment is safe to use.
  • Offer a non-disruptive and efficient service.
  • Meet Best Practice Guidelines and CQC Requirements.
  • Carried out by accredited technicians since 2004

Sectors we support Include: GP surgeries, Care-homes, Hospices, Hospitals, Pharmacy, Ambulances, Prisons.

Accreditations, Training and Memberships