Medical Electrical Safety Testing

Medical Electrical Safety Tests (MEST) are carried out using specialist medical equipment safety testers which are programmed according to IEC 62353 standards and it is the responsibility of the Healthcare Organisation to implement a safety schedule to comply with the legislations.

The Electricity at Work Regulations (EWR) and the Health and Safety at Work (HASAWA) form the basis of programmes.

The Electrical tests which should be carried out should include:

  •  Protective Earth Community
  •  Insulation Resistance
  •  Earth Leakage Current
  •  Touch Current
  •  Patient Leakage Current
  •  Patient Auxiliary Current

JPen engineers are fully competent, trained and experienced to carry out Safety Testing of Medical devices which should not be confused with Portable Appliance Testing which can cause damage to sensitive medical devices. Such damage may lead directly or indirectly to patient injuries or death.

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