Induction loop amplifier maintenance and calibration

26th November 2018


In the UK, more than 10 million people – or one in six - have some form of hearing loss.

Not only is it vital that workplaces and public places are inclusive for those with hearing loss or impairment, the UK’s Disability Discrimination Act 2006 also mandates reasonable adjustment in order not to disadvantage those with hearing loss. Induction loop amplifiers, or hearing loops, are now routinely installed in UK work and public places.

To help support the clear transmission of sound including emergency announcements, induction loop amplifiers should be annually maintained and calibrated. Compliance maintenance is not intrusive, overly-complex or cost-prohibitive, and supports your organisation’s continued compliance with Equality Act and Disability Discrimination Act requirements.

Best practice for maintaining and calibrating your induction loop amplifier involves several key tasks including:

  • Visual inspection of all device and installation connections, cabling & manufacturer/serial data
  • Audio and signal measuring including live signal ‘listening’ tests
  • Background noise testing to ensure a reading no greater than -27dB- if a reading higher this is recorded the hearing loop can may not function correctly
  • Field strength and frequency response are checked to ensure the device functions correctly for those with hearing aids
  • Where possible the drive control on the amplifier is adjusted so the reading peaks to 0dB meaning the hearing loop signal will be strong enough to be picked up by those with hearing aids
  • Ensuring the amplifier conforms to IEC 62353
  • Ensuring the amplifier is clearly labelled pass or fail, with immediate notification to the customer of any fails.
JPen Medical regularly finds routine problems with installation of hearing loop technology such as close proximity to other electronic equipment which causes electrical interference and with poor siting of microphones.  As part of our medical equipment safety testing package, JPen Medical provides comprehensive maintenance for induction loop amplifiers, ensuring continued safe and effective operation of this important technology. Why not contact us to find out how we can support your induction loop and other medical device maintenance requirements? Email or call 0333 005 0476