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Primary & Community healthcare medical device testing, and how we can help you

JPen Medical’s medical equipment test and calibration services support your responsibilities for preventive and statutory maintenance. You can tailor our services to suit your needs. As & when you need to.

Since 2004 we’ve delivered test and calibration protection for medical devices across the community healthcare sector including GP practices, specialist nursing & therapy teams, mental health trusts, care homes, pharmacies and community healthcare NHS Trusts.

We test and calibrate a wide range of medical equipment including:

  • Audiology equipment
  • Blood pressure devices
  • Diagnostic ECG
  • Infusion and syringe pumps
  • Patient monitoring equipment
  • Physiotherapy Ultrasound
  • Refrigeration units for vaccines & samples
  • Suction, oxygen therapy equipment

Why use a specialist provider? On average, community health, care & nursing specialists make around 100 million patient contacts per year. Not all of these contacts necessarily involve the use of specialist medical equipment, but many will. We fully understand the complexities and challenges involved in delivering coordinated integrated care to support a wide variety of vulnerable, elderly or palliative patients. Working in collaboration with JPen Medical, you can trust us to ensure your person-centred care is fully supported in terms of correctly-maintained equipment.

  • Support your CQC inspection processes providing peace of mind that your equipment accurately measures what it is supposed to
  • All medical equipment and devices are fully tested to CQC, MHRA, and IEC 62353 in-service test standards
  • On-site testing, at times that suit you
  • Our engineers are Tier 2 accredited and trained directly by CME Medical for McKinley T34 syringe drivers
  • Paperless electronic reporting
  • Technical support helpline

Supporting efficiency in NHS and independent community healthcare equipment maintenance. With around £10 billion spent by the NHS on community health services, JPen Medical can help you maintain operational efficiency, manage costs, and ensure patient safety. Contact us now for a quotation & discussion around how best we can support your work.

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We test more than 75,000 community healthcare devices every year

Frequently Asked Questions

The CQC regularly conduct inspections and part of meeting the CQC requirements is to have your medical devices tested/calibrated on an annual basis. We offer testing for all medical devices from blood pressure monitors, vaccine fridges to syringe drivers.
JPen Medical recently launched a McKinley T34 express return service for this particular purpose. A return pack will be sent out to you and a collection arranged via TNT and returned fully insured so the testing turnaround time is approximately 3 – 4 working days. We do also operate a T34 onsite testing service which can be included in your normal annual testing visit.
Yes, no matter how many medical devices you have on site, a JPen Medical engineer will still attend your site to carry out any testing/calibration needed.